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With 01.02.2008 new prices are entered on cable-explorer products. You look a price-list >>> ...
With 01.01.2006 new prices are entered on cable-explorer products. You look a price-list >>> ...

Industrial areas of company
Company limited liability «Krok-GT» not novice at the Ukrainian market of cable-explorer products.

A sphere of activity of enterprise is not trade and not mediation, company «Krok-GT» it is the most real factory with the complete cycle of production. Founders are specialists, having an enormous experience of work on editing of electrical equipment on many objects of former Soviet Union. Industrial areas of company

Creation and work of firm «Krok-GT» is successful can serve as good illustration of becoming of Ukrainian business.

Nine years back three comrades and partner on the earned incomes decided to open the business – to create a factory on the production of cable-explorer goods. What to begin a production in present terms know those, who passed this way only. And such, as statistics testify, very little. Industrial areas of company

Organization of production of cable-explorer goods requires the presence of areas of productions, difficult technological equipment, necessary raw material, specialists and workers there is enough high qualification.

Areas were partly leased, partly translated from balance into balance, equipment, that is named, "ń of all Soviet Union is collected". Raw material is supplied from Slovakia, Poland, Hungary.

Industrial areas of company
Modern technologies allow to make high-quality products, that is confirmed the tests of both models and periodic.

All of it resulted, that the products of factory got the certificate of accordance in the system of UkrSEPRO, and «Krok-GT» entered in the complement of corporation «Ukrelektrokabel».

Industrial areas of company And, nevertheless, in a market economy the main task of any firm is a sale of commodity, therefore guidance of «Krok-GT» had to be quite a bit worked above answers to the question: that to sell (and, consequently, that to make), who to sell, how and at what price.

In spite of proceeding economic crisis in the countries of former Union, an enterprise was able to find and firmly occupy the niche at the market of countries of near foreignness.

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