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With 01.02.2008 new prices are entered on cable-explorer products. You look a price-list >>> ...
With 01.01.2006 new prices are entered on cable-explorer products. You look a price-list >>> ...

Industrial areas of company
Presently the factory of Krok-GT takes deserving seat and successfully works at the Ukrainian market of cable-explorer products.

Today a factory of Krok-GT is combination of front-rank technologies and highly skilled personnel, wide circle of own scientific and technical developments, formed market of sale and deserved adherence of users our products, all of it allows us to remain a leader and to enter the new markets of sale.

Industrial areas of company In the number of buyers of cable-explorer products, made at the plant, industrial enterprises and objects of civil building of Ukraine, Russia, Moldavia enter.

In the list of products, by a producible firm, enter: adjustings wires, power and controls cables, reserved cables, unisolated and isolated wires for the lines of electricity transmission, cords, wires of telephones and cables, cables for oil-immersion and water-immersion electropumps, alarm-blocking cables, explosive wires and other products.

Industrial areas of company In addition, the second production has an enterprise on the issue of emul'sola for the forms of concrete wares (EFOBI), interfusing with water of emul'solov for cold treatment of metals (AKVEKHOM-T), solidola, technical butters and greasings, washed economic, drying oils and tosola.

As guidance of firm acknowledges, on the initial stage of the activity of time on the study of methods of markets of conduct of business, such as a management and marketing, it was not practically, therefore a great deal had to be done on intuition. But now, working out the totals the passed way and attained results, it is necessary all more frequent to apply confessedly business of technology.
Industrial areas of company
Due to these technologies an enterprise put right an issue and presented at the market the power cables of large section, cables in a rubber isolation, neftepogruzhnye cables and selfbearings isolated wires for Overhead Power Lines.

The more meaningful for a firm are become by the questions of management a personnel, as a general quantity of labour collective attained 450 persons. Industrial areas of company

The factory of Krok-GT is ready all partners to offer the interesting terms of collaboration and high-quality domestic products at lowest prices in Ukraine.

We are sure, that a high degree of quality of our production - a pledge of successful and fruitful activity.

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